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Forest Estates wiki is a compilation of information for and about the Forest Estates community of Silver Spring, MD.

This wiki is intended as a forum for residents of Forest Estates to share recommendations on area services, restaurants, recreation, and anything else of interest. This has long been a vital function of the Forest Estates listserv, and discussion is expected to continue there. This wiki is intended as a directory supplemental to the listserv, similar to the popular "Forest Estates Yellow Pages" that has been distributed in the neighborhood periodically for years. All statements made on this wiki are attributed only to their author, and may not be attributed to the neighborhood as a whole or any association thereof, including the Forest Estates Community Association. All contributions to this wiki must be signed with a name; anonymous contributions will be deleted. Recommendations or constructive criticisms are welcome; inflammatory or derisive comments will be deleted.

Pages of InterestEdit

Here are few wiki pages that may be of particular interest for home owners and residents in Forest Estates:

Appliance Repair and Sales


Auto Repairs & Parts

Bicycle Repair + Service


Child Care and Adult Daycare


Computers and Electronics

Discovering Maryland

Emergency Numbers - Beyond 911, the non-emergency numbers for police, fire, and local utilities.


Forest Estates Community Association (FECA)

Going Green

Government Services - road maintenance, garbage pickup, etc.

Hair and Nails

Heating and Cooling

History of Forest Estates

Home Maintenance - handymen, painters, plumbing, roofers, and more.

Home Remodeling - architects, contractors, etc. for more extensive house alternations

House Cleaning Services

Lawncare and Landscaping

Learning Centers and Lessons

Medical Professionals

Movers and Moving


Pest Control

Real Estate Agents

Recreation and Sports


Specialty Shops

Veterinarians, Pet Sitters, and Pet Supplies

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Still can't find what you're looking? Send a message to the listserv to ask you neighbors for more details.

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Note: The information contained in this wiki in no way represents the opinions of the Forest Estate Community Association, its officers, or its individual members. Please see Disclaimer for limitations on liability.

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